Policies & Acts

The Fund operates within the ambit of institutional policies and guidelines whereas its operations are also guided by national laws and policies. 

Below are some internal and national documents that guide and impact the operations of the Environmental Investment Fund:

Institutional policies: 

EIF Business Plan - Official document that guides the overall business strategy of the Fund, from 2012 - 2016.

Environmental Investment Fund Act - the enabling legislature that gives effect to the Fund's existence.

EIF Financial Management Policy 2016 - Policy that guides the institution in ensuring that finances of EIF are managed, documented and authorised in a responsible manner. 

EIF Procurement Policy and Procedures 2016 - Policy that outlines the methods and tools that guides the procurement of goods and services at EIF. 

EIF Operational manual 2015 - This document serves as the Fund's internal roadmap for its processes and procedures of receiving, recording, processing and decision-making on financial products. It includes post-award management and evaluation rocedures.

   Annexures to the Operational manual:


EIF Whistleblower Protection Policy


 Related national policies and legislatures

Environmental Management Act

Namibian Constitution

National Agriculture Policy

Water Supply and Sanitation Policy

Namibia National Tourism Policy

Water Policy of Namibia August 2000

Anti-Corruption Act Namibia

 Namibia Financial Intelligence Act 2015 (FIA)